Gigi makes us giddy

Gigi1Gigi Hadid. Need I say anymore.? This gorgeous being is the epitomy of beauty. Taking after her Dutch mother in both looks and in the modelling world, no wonder so many young girls want to look and be like her. As a makeup artist  I get asked a lot to replicate her beauty look. I love that it’s fresh, beautiful and fashion forward. No massive smokey eye here! It’s all about highlighting and contouring with neutral colours. For me to replicate this look my process would be this.

For skin I would mix some Kryolan Shimmering event foundation (which is a highlighter) with a silicone based foundation like Face Atelier, Makeup Forever or Cinema Secrets. Using a silicone based foundation keeps the foundation looking dewy all day long without the need to powder, prime or the need for a concealer.

For the eyes I would use an eyeshadow primer. My favourite is Urban Decay. It doesn’t go on dry or crack on the lids. Once that has set I would then apply a satin finish eyeshadow along the colour lines of champagne, copper, goldy pinks or nude. Keep it to the mobile lid to really open up the eyes. For any contouring around the eye, keep it matte so it doesn’t look like you have a bruised eye! So using a terracotta or warm brown will really make blue/green/hazel eyes pop! If you have brown eyes I would use a grape colour like Eggplant from Ben Nye. My absolute favourite eyeshadow palettes are from Viseart! I have every one of them and cannot wait until more come out! Another favourite is the Urban Decay naked palettes. They can be sometimes too glittery, but if you use the matte viseart over the top they create a satin sheen finish which just makes my heart flutter! I have become obsessed with Stila waterproof eyeliner pencils. They are incredibly soft and waxy to use allowing you to smudge right where you need to. Work in smaller areas around the lash line so it doesn’t set too quickly.

I would line the inner eye with MAC Concealer pencils to really open it up. Finish off with your favourite mascara. Mine right now is NARS audacious! It is extremely black. It isn’t waterproof though so if you want something more long wearing I do highly recommend Max Factor false lash effect. Before your lash application has dried, apply your favourite set of false lashes. If you are keeping the look simple you could go for a double lash look which is very popular right now. Alternatively if you are keeping the look subtle you could try Cha Cha Cha from ModelRock lashes. My absolute favourite lash company to work with!

Gigi2For cheeks you aren’t wanting to contour like the Kardashians! It’s about keeping it fresh and highlighted rather than heavily outlined. NARS would have to have the best collection of blushes to use. I have so many! And do mix more than one depending on my clients skin tone. Also hourglass have a beautiful range of glowing cheek colours. Highlight the top of your cheek bone with something like MAC soft n gentle or hourglass ambient light. You could even use this through the brow bone lightly.

For lips I would keep it matte. My favourite range of matte lipsticks right now are the new range from modelrock. They are not drying at all and incredibly long lasting!

For brows run through a brow powder such as MAC or Anastasia Beverley Hills in a light feathering motion. You want to keep it as natural as possible. I’m over all those PERFECT brow shapes right now. It’s not real. Keep it real guys! Finish off with a brow gel to keep them in place.

Product: Burberry

Burberry Burberry…. BURBERRY

OK.. So I have totally found my new makeup crush….  BURBERRY BEAUTY.. Honestly, for their first line of cosmetics, Burberry have just got it right… I’ve already written up my thoughts on their fluid base, but just yesterday I was walking through David Jones and of course wanted to check out their other products. The assistant wanted to give me a quick 15 minute makeup which of course I said yes.! I didn’t let on at all that I was a makeup artist because I truly wanted to hear her opinions and thoughts without any bias. My god… She was ROUGH..! I promise you all, all my current clients and future clients, I PROMISE I will always be gentle with your gorgeous little faces and not torture you like she did to me.! OK, now onto it..


Burberry Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation


What an amazing Product. It is as it states.. Sheer.. But mix two squirts of foundation with two squirts of the luminiser fluid base and wow, you have an amazing product.. Its definitely not a product you would use if you are wanting full coverage.. I also wouldn’t want to lose the dewiness of it by powdering down either.. So only use this if you love a light to medium/light coverage with a soft glow finish. It also has been made using a hydrating formula, containing UV filters to protect from the UV exposure.

Burberry Sheer Luminous Concealer


Now I wasn’t a big fan of this product.. It was probably the only let down of my Burberry experience.. I found it extremely similar to the YSL touch pen in both its look and how it applies.. And I’m not a fan of that product either.. Go figure. Anyhow, I found this concealer to be a bit too heavy to place around the delicate eye area and after about 15 minutes it had started to crease and make me look older.. So yeah.. Not holding my breath on this one.

Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow


This is one that I was truly surprised by.. I’ve got every eyeshadow brand under the sun that is available to us in Australia.. MAC.. NARS.. Gorgeous cosmetics.. Stila.. La Femme.. Inglot.. etc.. and I think there hasn’t been a time where they haven’t creased at some point.. Some crease less (MAC/Stila/Nars) than others (Inglot/La Femme). I always try to choose my eye shadows based on their pigment levels and also how powdery they are. I don’t like fallout.. Its my worst enemy.. So the less powdery, the happier I am. 🙂 Anyhow, when I had my makeup done I received a smokey eye in the colours of Midnight Brown & Midnight Plum. Apart from her blending issues, the colour placement was nice. This was done at lunchtime.. By the time I went to remove my makeup at 10pm at night, I closely analyzed my lids for creases and was pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t one at all.! And there was no prep on my eyelid with any powders or lid primer.. It was pure concealer she used then eyeshadow. So I expected some movement.. So big thumbs up for Burberry eyeshadows. 🙂

Burberry ‘Eye Definer’ Eye Shaping Pencil


Very pretty pencil to look at.. Bit sexy even.. 🙂  It looked nice on.. Applied a tiny bit harsh, but then again this was a makeup artist from hell on all application levels.. Other than her harsh application,  the pencil ingredients combine emollient vegetal oils, natural waxes and a high concentration of pigments that respect the fragile eye area. It is also long wearing and water resistant.. Fantastic.!

Look and feel: Amazing.. All described above

Quality: Second to none..

Value: As everything else is in Australia, so much more expensive than overseas..

Variety: Variety is quite commercial and consumer based.. But from a makeup artists point of view, the colour range would be great for your bridal kit.

Overall: LOVE.. Not many bad comments on this brand.

Would I purchase again.? Absolutely.. But in all honesty, if I can find a cheaper way of getting it, I will.. Find people overseas willing to send to you.. Better savings..


So thats the end of my love for Burberry.. 🙂  Now I just need to save my pennies to purchase all their goodies.!