Lash Lingo

As a Makeup Artist in Melbourne I get a lot of questions and interest in false lashes. There are some amazing styles out there now that it would be pretty hard to end up with drag queen lashes! My favourite brand is from Model Rock Lashes. The amount of styles they have to suit every eye shape and every event, you can’t go wrong!

False lashes are such a beautiful addition to finish off a makeup look. There are short half-length ones for people that are trying out for the first time and then you have the more vivacious ones for the adventurous!

One thing I do recommend is purchasing a glue that is separate from what can be provided with cheaper brands. They are not usually that great a quality and It will make you struggle more with putting lashes on. I do recommend Duo lash glue though. You can either swab a small amount on your measured lashes or let it get tacky or I find putting a small dot on the back of my hand until it becomes tacky and run my lashes through it.

The beauty about lashes is that they are re-usable. So if you get it wrong, just take them off and try again! To keep them retaining their shape, keep your packaging that they come in so you can take them off at the end of the night (gently!) and put back in the pack. They can be easily cleaned with a cotton tip and some makeup remover to remove any mascara or eyeshadow residue.

So, order some different sizes, put on some makeup and have some fun!